Axle rebuilds

Welcome to a guaranteed source for DB7 rebuilt differential units.

We use only the finest quality Timken bearings, and OEM replacement parts.

Working to swiss precision quality, we can remove that tired old irritating drive train noise completely, and give it a new lease of life.

Rebuilt salisbury limited slip units & ratio changes are only some of the quality service options available.

We recommend the ratio of 3.31:1 or 3.21:1 for the DB7. This gives far better all round gear ratios.


The basic weakness of the DB7 is ride height. There is not enough airflow to keep the rear axle cool.

The car was not designed to be driven at top speed for long periods. This was already a known problem on the V12 Jaguar XJS.

Because of this, if you regularly cane the car on German Autobahn, it is essential to use MOTUL sythetic LSD oil, & change the axle oil every 20 000kms and/or fit an axle cooler.

Option:- It is possible to supply an all alloy rear axle housing and lighter drive shafts & wishbones to save weight.

The all alloy type rear differential dissipates heat better.


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